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Students pack into 101 State Hall to hear a lecture by Malcolm X. Wayne State. 1963.

The focus of the lecture was on the aims of the Nation of Islam. A warning regarding future race wars was also given: “We are not afraid to go to jail or afraid to take the life of those who take our life. We believe the fair exchange. This is the price of freedom, and we are prepared to pay the price.”

Meet our New E-Board!

Meet our New E-Board!

As we close our GlobeMed year in May, we are all very excited to announce the new Executive Board Members of GlobeMed at Wayne State! These positions we selected through a comprehensive process, and our chapter members are very excited to be working with them in the 2014-2015 academic year. We want to make sure all of our readers get to know all our E-Board members, and so without further ado,…

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Meet our New Co-Presidents!

Meet our New Co-Presidents!

As our chapter is looking back at an amazing year and looking forward to a bolder vision for global health, our chapter transition comes as a bittersweet moment as we change positions and roles in our Executive Board. With that said, we are very excited to introduce our amazing new Co-Presidents: Yashesh Parekh and Feven Berhane! Read below to learn more about them and what they are looking…

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Anita V. reflects on “The Dark Side of Global Health”

Anita V. reflects on “The Dark Side of Global Health”

Happy Friday everyone!

Last week we featured a very thoughtful article about the consequences and trite nature of global health efforts from the University level. The original article is linked here.

Our ghU Coordinator has provided a cogent, poignant reflection on the basis behind the article and her own thoughts on the subject. We want to generate some dialogue on this article, so please feel…

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